Big Sean’s “Colin Kaepernick” Lyric Pulled From “Madden 19” Soundtrack

TMZ heeft geleerd dat een “Colin Kaepernick-geïnspireerde” tekst op de Madden 19-soundtrack is verwijderd. Big Sean’s couplet op de YG-track ‘Big Bank’ moest worden aangepast om te voldoen aan EA’s licentieovereenkomst met de NFL en de NFLPA. Het lied zal blijkbaar zijn lyrische componenten buiten het spel behouden. Bekijk de onderstaande regels:

“Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit

You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick”

Hoewel de game gelicentieerde spelers de kans biedt om als “gratis agenten” te verschijnen tijdens verschillende geïntegreerde “season modes”, verscheen Kaepernick niet in 2018 en zal de 2019-editie waarschijnlijk missen, tenzij hij ondertekent met een NFL-franchise tussen nu en de laatste rooster update.

. @EAMaddenNFL who told you to edit Colin’s name out of @YG ‘s song Big Bank from Madden 19’ was it from the @nfl ? Also, thank you to people sending more info, because I just found out Madden also scrubbed Colin’s name out from Madden 18’ on the song “Bars of Soap” by Mike WiLL Made it ft Swae Lee. Thank you @Yg for letting them what’s up! (Scroll in the gallery) Colin trains every single day and the @NFL has decided to blackball him because he peacefully protests against systemic oppression, specifically police brutality, which we all know is a disgusting epidemic in our country. The NFL told you how they feel about social justice and clearly have no respect for humanity. End of story. They could have done the right thing but didn’t. Either they told EA Sports to censor his name from Madden or it was a EA Sports decision. Either way, why? Colin Kaepernick is a hero. And if you think otherwise, history will permanently keep you on the wrong side of history.

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“Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit

You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick“

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